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Publishing your Narratives to a Showcase Webpage


Once you have generated narratives using the extension and utilized narrative settings to customize the content and format, you can share your sheets/dashboards and any accompanying narratives with others using the Narratives for Tableau 'Publish' feature.

Once you publish your narratives, the showcase page created will be interactive and the narratives will be dynamic. Any filters included in the sheet/dashboard that result in a change of the underlying data will produce new narratives when applied.

Publish your narratives for the first time

When you have configured your narrative to your liking and are ready to create a showcase page, click the "Publish" button at the top-right of the extension. This will display the list of narratives available to be published.

Note: If you are utilizing the extension from a dashboard, there will be more than one narrative to choose from. The ones 'checked' will be included on the showcase page next to the dashboard.

Click the orange "Publish" button to generate a showcase page. A link to the page will be revealed that can be shared with others.

After a narrative has been published for the first time, the extension will inform you of when you last published.

Updating your showcase page

If you return to your narrative within the Narratives for Tableau extension and make adjustments to your narrative settings, you will need to re-publish your narrative in order to update the showcase page. Once you are ready to update the webpage, click the "Publish" icon and then click the orange "Publish" button.

Upon refreshing the showcase page, any updates to the narrative configuration will be visible.

Showcase Webpage


When you publish your narratives, you are creating a showcase page to be shared with others. Note:

  • If you are creating your showcase page from Tableau Server, any viewer of your showcase page will have to be logged into your Tableau Server in order to view and interact
  • If you are creating your showcase page from Tableau Public, that page will be viewable by anyone. The Tableau Public sheet you are generating narratives from will need to allow for data access in order to initially get narratives

Interacting with your narratives

Once on a showcase page, the narratives and visualizations will interact with one another. Any filters you apply in the dashboard or sheet will cause any narratives to update based on those filters. In this example, you will notice the narrative has changed from the above after the filter was applied.

Customizing your showcase page

When on a showcase page, you have the ability to customize some of the design. By clicking the buttons on the top of the page, you can:

  • Hide the Tableau visualizations and only show the narratives
  • Choose to organize the content in either a stacked or side-by-side layout
  • Swap the positions of the narratives and visualizations

Sharing the showcase page

Once you've customized your showcase page, you can share that whole page layout with others by clicking the 'Share' button and utilizing the embed code that can be put into another web page or getting a link that can be shared.


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